Stem cell keynote presentation

This is a video keynote presentation on the use of PEMFs for stem cell therapy. This keynote presentation shows some of the basic actions of PEMFs necessary to understand the potential for PEMF therapy and tissue regeneration. The keynote presentation reviews the many different actions of PEMFs on stem cells and discusses why PEMF therapy should be used together with stem cell therapy for the best results.

In this keynote presentation, you will learn:

PEMF therapy and tissue regeneration

Actions of PEMFs on stem cells

The therapeutic benefits of combined stem cell therapy and PEMF treatment

Basic actions of PEMFs

  • How PEMFs work
  • PEMFs, inflammation and the adenosine receptor
  • How PEMFs produce charge of the body
  • ​The crucial Faraday’s law and the inverse square law
  • ​The many health conditions PEMFs have been shown to manage
  • ​How PEMFs impact many kinds of stem cells
  • ​The importance of treatment time
  • ​The mesengenic process
  • ​PEMFs affect cell proliferation, differentiation, cell survival, apoptosis, cytokine expression, etc.
  • ​How to use PEMFs in the stem cell therapy setting
  • ​FDA approved PEMF devices
  • ​PEMF Buyer’s Guide
  • ​How to choose a PEMF device
  • ​Devices I recommend
  • ​Home versus professional office treatment
  • ​Common PEMF applications
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