Combining PEMF Training With Acupuncture

This course is a blueprint for acupuncturists to discover the advantages of integrating PEMF therapy into their practice. The use of PEMFs enhances the benefits of acupuncture, resulting in increased benefits for patients. With interest in PEMFs increasing, this course can help you set your practice apart from the rest.

In this course, You'll learn:

The overlapping uses of acupuncture and PEMFs

Strategies for combining application of PEMFs with acupuncture

The therapeutic benefits of combined acupuncture and PEMF treatment

How one acupuncturist successfully integrated PEMF therapy into his practice

And much more!

What’s Included in the course

  • Section 1: Introduction: Why Acupuncture and EMF
  •  Section 2: PEMFs
  • Section 3: Dr. Lakhani
  • Section 4 (Part 1): ​You Can't Dial Up
  • ​Section 4 (Part 2): Practical Considerations In Applying PEMFs
  • ​Section 5: Devices
  • Section 6: ​Uses Of Acupuncture And PEMFs
  • ​Section 7: Healing And Responses To PEMFs

Power Tools for Health Paperback

With this course, you also get this most comprehensive, objective and authoritative book on PEMF therapy available. Within its pages, you’ll find a description of how the technology works and how to use PEMFs to enhance quality of life, including treatment of chronic health conditions and enhanced recovery from injury or surgery. 
  • The impact of PEMFs in the body, from circulation to stem cell stimulation and everything in between
  • Information, backed by clinical studies, on how PEMF therapy can treat more than 50 specific health problems
  • How to combine PEMF therapy with other tools for best results
  • ​What to look for when selecting a PEMF system 
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