Power Tools for Health Course Primer

This course is an overview of the information contained in my book, Power Tools for Health, combined with information gleaned in my three decades of experience working with PEMFs. This course includes information on the value of introducing electromagnetic fields into the body, the science that backs the uses of PEMFs, and how you can effectively use PEMFs on a wide range of medical conditions.

In this course, You'll learn:

What PEMFs are and the benefits they provide

The impact of PEMFs on cell injury, aging and the brain

How to choose the appropriate PEMF device for specific conditions
The proven safety of PEMF therapy

And much more!

What’s Included in the course

  • Section 1: Introduction
  • Section 2: Who Am I - My Journey
  • ​Section 3: Why Magnetic Field Therapy
  • Section 4: What Are PEMFs
  • Section 5: ​Benefits PEMFs
  • Section 6: Symptoms Improved
  • Section 7: Conditions Treated Successfully
  • Section 8: ​Cell Injury, Aging And PEMFs
  • Section 9: ​Healing The Body
  • ​​Section 10: The Brain And PEMFs
  • ​Section 11: Wound Healing
  • ​​Section 12: Athletic Performance
  • ​Section 13: Mechanisms of Action
  • ​​Section 14: Safety PEMFs
  • Section 15: Contraindications And Precautions
  • Section 16: Side Effects Of Magnetic Field Therapy
  • ​Section 17: Choosing A PEMF System
  • Section 18: Why PEMFs Are Expensive
  • Section 19: ​Why PEMFs Are Not Widely Known
  • ​Section 20: Conclusion

Power Tools for Health Paperback

Included in this course is the most comprehensive, objective and authoritative book on PEMF therapy available. Within its pages, you’ll find a description of how the technology works and how to use PEMFs to enhance quality of life, including treatment of chronic health conditions and enhanced recovery from injury or surgery. 
  • The impact of PEMFs in the body, from circulation to stem cell stimulation and everything in between
  • Information, backed by clinical studies, on how PEMF therapy can treat more than 50 specific health problems
  • How to combine PEMF therapy with other tools for best results
  • ​What to look for when selecting a PEMF system 
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