supercharge your health with pemf Course

This video slideshow course is complementary to the information contained in my book, Supercharge Your Health with PEMF Therapy, combined with practical information gleaned in my three decades of experience working with PEMFs. 

This course includes information on: some history of magnetic field therapy, PEMFs vs EMFs, benefits of PEMFs, application guidelines, combining PEMFs with other therapies, types of PEMF systems, home vs professional treatment, protocols for 80 health conditions, dealing with poor results, “low and slow” protocols, the “magnetic sandwich” concept and addressing inflammation. 

The slideshow format allows introduction of much more visual material supporting the text content of the book.

Supercharge Your Health with PEMF therapy course:

At least 27 actions of PEMFs on the body

The different types of PEMF systems that can be used

The kinds of benefits each type of system would be likely to have
Practical PEMF treatment protocols for over 80 conditions

What’s Included in the course

  • Video Course Chapter 0: Outline
  • Video Course Chapter 1: Introduction Why this book
  • ​Video Course Chapter 2 : What the book covers
  • ​Video Course Chapter 3: History of magnetic field therapy and PEMFs
  • ​​Video Course Chapter 4: PEMFs vs EMFs. Good vs bad EMFs
  • ​​Video Course Chapter 5: Top 12 benefits of PEMFs
  • ​​Video Course Chapter 6: Intensity matters
  • ​​Video Course Chapter 7: Physiologic actions of PEMFs
  • ​​Video Course Chapter 8: Rules for applying PEMF therapy
  • ​​Video Course Chapter 9: Safety of PEMF therapy
  • ​​Video Course Chapter 10: Nutrition and PEMF therapy
  • ​​Video Course Chapter 11: Complementary therapies
  • Video Course Chapter 12: Myths about PEMFs
  • ​​​Video Course Chapter 13: Choosing a PEMF system
  • ​​Video Course Chapter 14: Placements of applicators and coils
  • ​​Video Course Chapter 15: Why own a PEMF system vs office treatments
  • ​​Video Course Chapter 16: PEMFs for helping pain
  • ​​Video Course Chapter 17: Going low and slow
  • ​​​Video Course Chapter 18: PEMFs and phases of healing
  • ​​​Video Course Chapter 19: Multiple areas needing treatment
  • ​​​Video Course Chapter 20: Why daily treatment
  • ​​​Video Course Chapter 21: When PEMF therapy won't work and what you can do about it
  • ​​​Video Course Chapter 22: Magnetic sandwich
  • ​​​Video Course Chapter 23: Power Tools for Health book

Supercharge Your Health With PEMF Therapy Paperback

  • Over 3 and half Hours of discussion and mentoring from Dr. Pawluk.
  • Extra information, case studies and real-world discussions not available in the book.
  • Tools you can use in your own practice or at home to help optimize health.
  • ​New insights into the root causes of symptoms including fatigue, mood swings and even leaky gut.
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